Prayer Update July 6th (Day before departure)

Dear Faithful Prayer Partners ,


My name is Frank Imbarrato and I have the wonderful privilege of serving this team to Nicaragua for which you have been asked to pray. What a wonderful gift it is to each of us to know that we are sheltered in petitions and prayer to our heavenly Father. Please do not discount the awesome blessing and power there is in the charge you have to lift us up. What strength we have in God’s power, grace and mercy through the intercession of our Savior . The team thanks you for lifting us up through the week as we seek to serve and glorify our King.

We are anxious for nothing as all things come from His hand. He has gone before us to prepare the work. He has already accomplished that which He desires us to do. We trust, “to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you “.  Nonetheless, the prayers of the righteous avail much and we so covet your love and support. I ask that you be earnest in prayer. Be vigilant and consistent. Be bold knowing that the team will be winsome in the grace of the Lord .Pray that those you are sending will be faithful humble servants for kingdom purposes. We look forward to our return to celebrate the victory He has won through the labors of those He has sent and those who have prayed.  We long to hear the sweet words, “Well done good and faithful servant.”


To start :

1)  Pray for travel mercies that all would arrive in Managua in a timely fashion with all the luggage, supplies  and equipment

2)  Pray that all would pass through customs without issue or complication

3)  Pray for the 55 team members that the Lord would work in each heart that which needs to be accomplished

4)  Pray for team unity as a body of Christ and intimacy in service to one another

5)  Pray for Rolando, our in country host and missionary that He would stay strong and endure

6) Pray for the people of  Los Chiles; a village area with great needs  plundered by poverty and despair

7)  Pray for the pastors who serve in the churches that will be hosting us. Pray for their faithfulness and perseverance

8) Pray for the interpreters ; their hearts , souls and the words that proceed from their mouths

9) Pray for each other as you labor in prayer ; pray for Karen Denaro your servant prayer coordinator

10) Pray the Lord be glorified in all, through all, and by all


May the Lord of peace and grace richly bless each and everyone of  you.


With humble heartfelt thanks and joy,


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